Skill labs


Nutrition Lab

Demonstration of therapeutic diets, nutrients, Dietary requirements in all the ages and Food Processing.


Nursing Foundation Lab

It helps the students to develop and understand skills of basic Nursing procedures, before students Introduce to the hospital, Clinical experiences. They also learn Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation(CPR) demonstration and First Aid.



It is equipped with maternity examination models, delivery models, charts and other equipment.

Students learn about all the Nursing care and essential skills for the care of the new born & children.


Community Health Nursing Lab

Community Health Nursing lab helps the students to develop desirable knowledge and attitude and skills on comprehensive care to the individual, family and community.


Computer Lab

Computer Lab have been installed to support teaching and learning by providing with internet connection. Referring Online Journals, Preparing PPT, Assignments and Presentations.



Library is loaded with 2900+ Books, 2490+ Titles, Articles, journals, volumes and much more to boost students knowledge.

Infrastructure and facilities

Fully equipped classrooms

Private Lessons
  • Our classrooms are equipped with best in class projectors & equipments which helps our students to understand concepts better.
  • Spacious class rooms with adequate seating.
  • All classrooms are designed in such a way to provide better ventilation.

Lake View Hostel

  • Our students can experience beautiful scenary of campus along with lake view.
  • We believe in sharing and caring for eachother, so we have designed our hostel rooms with 3 & 4 sharing rooms equipped with all necessary amenities.
  • All hostel rooms are designed in such a way to provide better ventilation.
  • Hostel can accomodate upto 240 students.

Go Green Initiative

Private Lessons

We always focus and strive to provide on healthy environment to our students.

  • We have installed Solar Roof Top, which provides clean electricity to our Infrastructure and Facilities.
  • This reduces Carbon footprint and makes contribute towards better environment.
  • We have planted more than 500 trees within campus.


  • Auditorium is equipped with 300 seating capacity.
  • Air conditioned auditorium.

Huge campus with Transport Facility

Private Lessons

We always focus on safety and security of our students with utmost priority.

  • We have well experienced staff for transport, who are available to meet all transport related requirements with clinical areas transportation.
  • Play area is available for students for playing sports and re-creation activities.
  • Campus is guarded by security and CC cameras.


  • 2939 Books
  • 2494 Titles
  • 6 International Journals
  • 11 National Journals
  • Digital Library is made available in association with NTRMEDNET Consortium & Digital Library for accessing online Journals and other publications.

Insights into our labs

CPR Demonstration
Child health Nursing Lab
Community Lab
Nutrition Lab
Meeting Hall
Child Health Nursing Lab
Nursing Foundation Lab
Nursing Foundation Lab
OBG Skill Lab